“The bluegrass genre is rich in Americana living so the contributions made by this talented group represented here know the delicious and down-home goodness.
“We decided to take some kids from the Tipitina Foundation in New Orleans to the mountains of western North Carolina for a musical mash-up.
The Burnett sisters are tasting success and owe Tomorrow’s Bluegrass Stars for much of the exposure that got them to the table.
“Connections begin to develop when you're able to travel into the natural world and draw inspiration from it.
“It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this so long,” he says. “We’ve had some incredible opportunities over the years and the end is not in sight.”
This year, the self-made host is celebrating the 5th Anniversary of The Evan Dickerson Bluegrass Talk Show.
One of the ways that Evans Media Source keeps things current is through innovative new techniques and high-quality acts.
“We are all just so, so excited about it,” Horton said. “It was just phenomenal, and we’re all still floating.
“Our festival is so down-to-earth and so high-energy,” Long promised.
“In addition to the obvious greatness in singing, she writes in a fearless way and brings a specific un-self-conscious mid-western-ness that offsets my own inescapable Texas-ness,” McKay said.

Cookin’ With Grass

She edited each entry, but never changed the recipe. Instead, Becky added editor’s notes to the end of many of

BrassGrass! …Who Knew?

Chris gathered over 25 musicians from both New Orléans and North Carolina for the celebration, including longtime North Carolina new

Sisters in Bluegrass

“All four of us have the same goal. We all want to do this so badly, and we are there

Earthly Pleasures

"I think the idea with having the word wood in the name is to evoke an image of nature. We

Crossing Chatham County Line

The band respects bluegrass history, from bluegrass inventor Bill Monroe to innovators like John Hartford. At the same time, they

Talking Bluegrass With Evan Dickerson

Along with being a talk show host, Evan has emceed several different Bluegrass festivals. He will be emceeing the Ohio

Carrying the Torch for Bluegrass

We’re in the thick of things with that, and it looks like it’s going to stay that way. I don’t

Coyote Ugly

The current lineup includes the vocalist and her husband, Tom Horton, on guitar; Joey Cox, playing banjo; Crystal Shipley, on

Set on Fire by the Fiddle

“I got a fifty-dollar J.C. Penney fiddle for Christmas and never put it down. I drove everybody nuts,” she said,

It Takes Two

In the songwriting, Leigh said that she gets ideas from the everyday conversation more than any other place. McKay said