Bounds & Determined


Bounds and Determined

Versatility is king for Bounds and Determined

by Kara M. Bachman

Sharon Bounds – accomplished musician with Alabama-based Bounds and Determined – is herself determined to share bluegrass, gospel, country, blues, and even a little southern rock at festivals, churches, and private events ready for some award-winning fiddling, heartfelt vocals, and a true sense of versatility.

Each member of Bounds and Determined jams in a variety of ways, allowing this outfit to morph and change based upon audience, genre, and the band’s state of “mood.” It’s almost as if they can do it all.

“We play festivals; we play church settings; we also play some Lynyrd Skynyrd, some southern rock …we’ll add in a drum and keyboard with the bluegrass instruments,” Bounds explained. 

Her husband, Bill Bounds, spoke of the band’s versatility as a valid selling point. He said the transition from old-time to modern can happen quickly, but only because of the extensive skill of each band member.

“Everybody in the band is a multi-instrumentalist,” he said. “That’s how we can switch around and sometimes give it a rock sound.” 


He plays fiddle and guitar, and Sharon Bounds provides vocals, mandolin, and fiddle and is, in fact, an award-winning, acclaimed fiddler. She’s been playing classical and fiddle styles since she was 12, and today can get feet tapping to bluegrass, classical, Cajun, Texas swing, and fiddle competition styles. She’s been crowned the Alabama State Fiddle Champion and named the Mississippi State Fiddle Champion on four occasions. Ranked in the top 10 in Nashville’s National Grand Master Fiddle Championship seven times, she also teaches music and often finds herself on judging panels for fiddle contests.This couple quickly gives the most credit for their sound to the other married couple that’s part of the band, Lisa and Jud Cameron. They say the Camerons are the true crux of Bounds and Determined.

“Jud and Lisa are the strongest points of the band. We like to center everything around them as much as possible,” Bill said. “They also do a lot of the writing.”

“Lisa came up singing with her family in church,” Sharon said. “In my opinion, she’s one of the best out there.”

Lisa Cameron brings to the table the band’s lead vocals, mandolin, harmonica, and keyboards (whenever they’re in an “electric” kinda mood). Jud Cameron provides lead male vocals, harmony vocals, guitar, and drums (whenever they’re in a “rockin’” kinda mood).

Rounding out Bounds and Determined is Jason Walker on bass, guitar, and harmony vocals, and Ron Kirkland with his dobro, mandolin, guitar, harmony vocals, and electric guitar (whenever they’re in a “Skynyrd kinda mood”).

In addition to gigging on weekends throughout the southeastern and southern U.S., the three-year-old group has a new CD in the works.

“We are planning to do a new CD with the band this summer,” Sharon explained. “It will be a mix of bluegrass and bluegrass gospel. It will have some originals on there.” 

Despite their versatility, at its heart, Bounds and Determined is still pure bluegrass, through and through. Part of their love for the genre is a love for the people who support it.

“The bluegrass community is like one big family,” Sharon said. “So it’s like a family reunion, and everyone welcomes you to that family.”

“We like the bluegrass the best because of the people,” Bill added. “The greatest reward is seeing them smile.”