Covid-19: Calamity, Cancellations …and Coping


Covid-19: The Calamity, Cancellations ...and Coping

by Dr. Roy Young

Dear Readers,

I do not need to restate the obvious. We are in a public health and personal health crisis. None of us alive today has lived through what we are currently experiencing. Our daily routines, ability to sustain our livelihood and fears of severe illness loom heavily upon our well-being. If there is anything we can learn from the health crisis it is how to keep the community together and sustain the great musicians and music that is a source of pleasure and pride for us all.

We must, above all, keep as safe as possible. The health experts have put together the short list of behaviors that will help. Briefly reiterated these are:


Economically our musicians are facing enormous challenges. All festivals have be cancelled or moved forward several months. This means no income and fears that bands will scatter in an attempt to find some means of earning money to feed, clothe and house families and friends. As a community of bluegrass fans what can we do to help? There are potential answers to consider. It begins with technology that continues to bind us together in ways that were not possible until recent years.  We have become addicted to on-line content as free. It is not. For everything we read, watch or listen to came from someone spending time creating content and sharing it. Whereas until now this time could be supported by your attendance at festivals and purchasing CD’s, this is not possible at present. Yet the internet can stream your favorite artists. For them to be able to perform, they will need your support.

At the Bluegrass Standard, we can keep abreast of upcoming on-line festivals. Small contributions to your favorite bands can help sustain them in a time of great need. If we pull together and do support the music we love, then when we have come to the end of Covid 19 as an existential threat and when live concerts resume, all of us will feel the pride of having been part of the solution that helped. Can our bluegrass musicians count on you to do this? Please give your support when you can.