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She gave “updated 21st Century advice,” including advising young women to make “new paradigms” instead of striving to live up to “old guard” standards that need no longer be relevant.
Irene Kelley left her native Pennsylvania to move to Nashville in 1984, she brought along her guitar, a handful of original material and a love for traditional and bluegrass music.
“We felt we had a unique message about empowering women...
At times, I can be very emotional, and I have written songs that I truly believe came from somewhere inside the struggles and my process of working through all of that.”
“I just fell back in love with this season of my life and the opportunity to get out and make music again. I’m so happy to be back at it in a serious way.”
“I would really love to have my own band one day and be able to make a living doing this.”
I don’t like the idea of being judged against other bands when really, we are trying to create our own style of music.
“My first memories were singing acapella in church.
“I got a cold from flying on a plane that developed into pneumonia. That led to pleurisy, then to sepsis.
“Hopefully, someday my kids will be able to know I’m a strong mom and a strong musician...that’s the goal,” she said.