Freedom, Love And The Open Road


CD: Freedom, Love And The Open Road

Artist: Lindley Creek

Label: Pinecastle Recording Company

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One can’t know everything. I didn’t know about Lindley Creek. I can’t say that anymore. Freedom, Love, And The Open Road caught me unaware and unprepared. It started out delightful and got better with every listen. The band is delightful, helped along by some stellar musicians in the studio. At times I heard echoes of the heavenly vocals of Sarah MacLachlan, Bonnie Raitt, or Loreena McKennitt, or the musicians at times suggesting instrumental whispers of The Beatles, The Band, all interspersed with Duane Allman and Ry Cooder. This isn’t Bluegrass, but it is good music, even transporting at times.

The Songs are:

I liked every cut on this CD. There is no filler here.

There are two songs that are even more outstanding than the rest of the outstanding songs to my ear: Old Soul and Forever Young. On both cuts, veteran bassist Todd Phillips, who clearly understands the magnificence of a fretless bass, puts his talents to work. The lap steel work of David Spires on Old Soul is outstanding, simply outstanding. Same for the guitar of Seth Taylor. Rob Ickes’ (“He’s a good boy”) Dobro on Forever Young is delightful. Old Soul devolves into a the most delightful musical roundabout at the end.

It’s not always easy to pull off a Bob Dylan cover, particularly one like Forever Young, but this just may be my favorite ever, even more than my own, and perhaps more than the version in Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz, which is stellar all the way around, if only for it’s legendary all-star line-up, though I would daresay one can hardly call that one a cover of a Bob Dylan song since it’s got Bob Dylan in it.

Grounded is one of the two songs on the CD penned by the band’s Katherine Greer. I really liked this song and would like to hear more songs that come from the hand of Greer. The band seems to focus on the vocals, at least on this CD, even though they are shown holding instruments on the CD cover. The vocals are outstanding, and if the label insisted on having studio musicians for this recording, let me commend them on the musicians that were chosen. I was digging the bass before I knew it was Todd Phillips. I was enjoying the dobro before I knew it was Rob Ickes. The band is so good, I am compelled to name the rest of them: Aaron Ramsey on mandolin, Jim Vancleve on fiddle, and the aforementioned Seth Taylor on guitar. There are a couple of other musicians, but the small print has exhausted me. Sorry. The band was awesome! I can’t help but wonder what a Lindley Creek CD would sound like with the band playing all the instruments. This particular sound may be hard to reproduce on the road, but as Lindley Creek are working, traveling musicians, I expect they will sound just fine.

The production, engineering, recording, overdubbing, and mastering are all professionally done, which always helps make any CD an enjoyable listen.

This CD will stay in my regular rotation.

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