Georgette Jones

Georgette Jones

Georgette Jones is not the usual superstar offspring you read about in today’s columns. If you are new to country music and her name doesn’t ring any bells for you, she is the daughter of George Jones and Tammy Wynette and the heir to her legendary country superstar parents’ vocal talents. 

You And Me and Time

Tamala Georgette Jones was born in Lakeland, FL, on October 5th, 1970. She recorded her first single with her father called “Daddy Come Home” and worked as a registered nurse for seventeen years, renewing her nursing license when required like her mother did her beautician’s license. Georgette decided to return to music by joining her mother on the road as a backup singer. She is also a songwriter and picked up a pen to write her first song, “You and Me and Time,for her dad. It first appeared on George Jones’s album, Burn Your Playhouse Down, with Bandit Records, and then again on her first album, Slightly Used Woman. 

She said that “Slightly Used Woman” and all Heart of Texas records were produced by Justin Trevino, except for the song “You and Me and Time,” produced by Keith Stegall, along with three other songs when she had a demo deal with RCA.

"My song with my dad was obviously very special to me. I wrote it with Mark McGuinn and my writing mentor, Don Pfrimmer." I was expressing my happiness that my dad and I had finally renewed our relationship. We had little time together when I was young because my parents divorced when I was only four. Then, with their schedules, it was difficult. Also, my dad stayed away from me during his bad times, thinking he protected me from seeing him in that state. I didn't know or understand that, and it caused more issues as I got older. When Mom died, I was 27, and Dad was there for me when I needed him most. Once we started spending more time together, I wrote this song for him. I played it for him, and he hugged me, said he loved it, and asked if I wanted to record it on his next cd. I was excited."

She was working with RCA and Keith Stegall for a demo deal for a four-song project, and the song was on that project, too.

Later, when she signed with Heart of Texas Records, she received permission to include it on her first CD, A Slightly Used Woman.

“My mom wrote the title song in the early 1980s about our house on Franklin Rd. It describes a woman surrounded by beautiful things, but she’s inside and feels like a used object, unlike the place she calls home. I always loved it and was glad I was able to make it my title track on the first CD. I owe a lot to Tracy Pitcox and Heart of Texas records for helping me live out my musical dreams. I was always too afraid to try when I was younger due to the harsh reality of comparisons from people because of my parents. In my thirties, I realized music was always my first passion, and I didn’t want to look back one day and wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t been afraid.” 

Her Work

Four albums/projects later, Georgette independently released Skin in 2019.

“My latest CD, Skin, was a true labor of love. It was the only record I had total creative control over as far as picking all the musicians and instruments, etc. I was thrilled to make the choices I had. I wrote the title song, ‘Skin,’ at a point in my life where I was finally becoming happy with who I was inside and out. I am a tomboy, so I like my sweatpants and tennis shoes and rarely wear makeup. I love dressing up occasionally, but I am usually at the dog park, camping, at the gym, or in the water, so dressing up isn’t me. ‘Skin’ is about seeing a woman with tattoos, like me, who may not dress in expensive clothes, etc., but I’m still that innocent little girl in my heart, and I am finally happy in my skin no matter how others see me. I’m also thrilled to have a duet with Vince Gill, one with Dale Watson, and one with Dean Miller, Roger Miller’s son who also produced this CD.” 

Her Memoir

The Three of Us: Growing Up with Tammy and George

“In 2009, I started reading someone else’s book about my mom, which made me angry. I felt they saw Mom as someone I didn’t believe she was. It made me decide to write my book about my parents. I wanted people to know them as I did. Thankfully, Patsi Bale Cox helped me do so in 2011. I was then approached in February of 2013 by producer Andrew Lazar and co-producer Josh Brolin to make a movie based on information from my book. After careful consideration, I believed they would do the story as it should be done. It became a streaming TV series nearly ten years in the making, but I’m happy it did. Now, instead of 2 hours, we have 6 hours of their story. Oscar-winning best actress, Jessica Chastain, played Mom and Michael Shannon played my Dad. I was excited to see some of the filmings; they were simply incredible—not to mention kind to us and obviously dedicated to going beyond what we expected. Abe Sylvia was the primary writer, and I can’t say enough about his attention to detail and compassion for my parents as he wrote their story. It will be out this fall on Paramount + and Spectrum.” 

Georgette’s Memoir was made into a limited series coming to streaming outlets very soon.


Georgette is an avid gamer if all the above hasn’t struck your fancy or impressed you. Thanks to Facebook support and her growing fan base, she recently partnered with Facebook and streams regularly from her Facebook page, playing Call of Duty and many other games alongside her husband, Jamie Lennon, a professional steel player who played for Shooter Jennings and is currently with Easton Corbin. Georgette’s secondary page with Jamie, “Dog Dad Gaming,” raises money for their favorite animal rescue.

“I’ve loved gaming since I was very young, and Atari came out. I played Nintendo with my twin boys, and eventually, my husband convinced me to try Call of Duty. It’s what we enjoy doing on our time off from the road. It also allows us to connect with the country music community, which is why we call our gaming company Country Music Gaming. I’ll soon be doing monthly charity streams for children’s hospitals and doing music, as well. The pandemic made us feel disconnected like so many others, and our streaming has been a wonderful way to meet and spend time with fans, friends, etc.”

Walking her Path

The highly talented Georgette Jones walks her path and stays true to her roots. She recently performed for the Keith Whitley Memorial Ride alongside bluegrass favorites, The Isaacs and Rhonda Vincent.

Bluegrass bands have performed the songs of Georgette’s parents for quite some time, and it probably won’t be long before bands cover the music of Georgette. Be sure to keep up with Georgette on social media at