Giving a Bigger Voice to Gospel: Danny Jones


Giving a Bigger Voice to Gospel: Danny Jones

by Kara M. Bachman

Danny Jones was raised around Gospel and found a way to make it his livelihood and mission.

“Not everybody is called to be an evangelist or a Sunday School teacher,” Jones said. Some feel called to labor, and some feel called to sing. 

Jones felt called to build platforms others could stand upon while doing their good work. 

As VP of The Singing News, Jones decided long ago to make media his mission, and through it, he’s been able to spread music and an outlook that runs thickly through his veins.

“I was raised around it,” he said, of gospel music and everything related. “Both my grandfather’s taught at singing schools in Georgia.”

Today — now that he knows more gospel artists than anyone could count on many fingers and toes — he considers the performers to be family.

“People ask me all the time who’s my favorite group, but I don’t see them as artists. I see them as the guys I played in the backyard with.”

Jones parlayed this youthful connection to Southern Gospel into a career that allowed him to have a strong hand in supporting the music — and musicians — he enjoys most.

Since 1969, The Singing News has told the stories of the spiritual voices of our times. With a multi-platform approach to getting the hymns and harmonies out there, The Singing News continually grows and adds new ways to reach those seeking wholesome content.

For 26 of those years, Jones has been an essential part of that mission. He recognized and continually acted upon what he sees as a calling to lift those who aim to uplift spirits into the spotlight. 

He started as Managing Editor of print, and after rising through the ranks over time, he eventually fell into the VP role he has today. As a Singing News talent, he hosts the 4th Page Podcast. He fulfills other creative functions at Singing News that highlight Gospel in print and deliver it through its traditional radio network, internet podcasting, and brand-new television network. 

That network is Singing News TV (, a subscription-based streaming service offering access through devices such as Roku, Fire TV, and iPhone.

“We’ve been pleasantly surprised at the reception it’s gotten,” Jones said of the just-launched viewing option. “It’s exceeded where we thought it would be at this point.”

Jones explained how the channel offers a wholesome, family-friendly mix of Southern Gospel concerts and performances by current artists. Its old footage of vintage shows dates as far back as the 1960s. A subscription provides the customer access to many original series and the interviews giving an insider look at the world of gospel music news updates. With the subscription, customers also enjoy classic films, such as Gene Autry movies, full-length faith-based movies, and beloved television series like “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “Gunsmoke.”

“We’re still in a rolling start, where it [the programming] is being added to every day,” Jones added.

When it comes to the performers, Jones said the channel showcases both sides of the genre, including both onstage performances and real-life glimpses of what happens offstage. He said many subscribers love the channel because they are older people, and the shows they can watch there bring back memories.

Danny Jones

“They love being able to combine their love of music with what they remember growing up,” Jones said. “It’s a feel-good mix.”

What must feel good to Jones is knowing he’s found a way to turn his interests and beliefs into a career that’s meaningful and creative. Just as his grandfathers before him, he’s immersed himself in growing gospel audiences and in supporting the harmonizers, choristers, cantors, players, pickers, and ministers he knows and loves.

It’s hard to think of a more fulfilling mission.