Net Radio Dogs Signs Syndication Agreement with Fishnet



The Net Radio Dogs Road Show Radio Program Signs Syndication Agreement with Fishnet

July 15, 2020 — The Bluegrass Standard Magazine is pleased to announce exciting news for the Net Radio Dogs Road Show. The magazine is a major sponsor of this bluegrass and Americana music show, hosted by radio personality Rick Dollar and currently available via the Bluegrass Country radio network. 

The internet radio program will greatly expand its listening audience and enter syndication via a recently-made deal with Fishnet Syndications, through which affiliates across the country will now be able to pick up the program for broadcast on traditional terrestrial radio stations.

This tremendous growth opportunity will put both the music — and intelligent, in-depth interviews with top notch musicians — within reach of a significantly wider audience. The agreement with Fishnet moves the show from being accessible only via internet to also being accessible through terrestrial radio stations. Becoming syndicated is a highly-coveted accomplishment, and involves a significant broadening of both the program’s stature and potential audience.

Some might recognize Dollar not just as the voice of the Net Radio Dogs Road Show, but also as the charismatic former executive director of Kingsport, Tennessee’s Mountain Music Museum of the Appalachian Cultural Music Association. 

Dollar said there are currently six or seven radio affiliates who have already picked up the show, which will go into active syndication broadcast in several weeks. He said the sky’s the limit to how many might air the program, as new affiliates “are being added daily.” The weekly one-hour program will air on different days on different stations, but Dollar said many are scheduling his program for a time slot on Saturdays.

“We’re looking at a great shot of getting in a lot of stations,” Dollar said, his enthusiasm apparent. 

Net Radio Dogs Road Show has featured interviews with some of the biggest names in bluegrass and other roots genres. In just the past year, Dollar has interviewed artists such as Ricky Skaggs and Doyle Lawson, and said he has an exciting roster of more recognizable names slated to appear on future shows this fall and beyond. Net Radio Dogs Road Show usually features a “Spotlight Artist of the Week” segment, a Top 5 Americana/Bluegrass Countdown, and more. 

Dollar cites The Bluegrass Standard magazine’s support as a big part of his show’s success.

“The Bluegrass Standard has always stood by us,” he said. “The magazine is our primary sponsor.”

Dollar said the Covid-19 pandemic creates even more reason to be bullish on the future of both terrestrial and internet radio, since it can be enjoyed from home and while socially distancing. The Net Radio Dogs Road Show, he believes, is the perfect accompaniment to keep on top of the bluegrass world while festivals, concerts and other events might be limited.

“Mostly, what we’re seeing now, is that this is a time for radio to flourish,” Dollar said.

The Bluegrass Standard is proud of its sponsorship of this radio show, and looks forward to continuing its support of excellent programming that helps both preserve — and bring forward into the future — the traditions of bluegrass.

The program may be accessed at 88.5 HD-2 / and hopefully soon, via a radio station in your listening area. 

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