Randy Wood: The Lore of the Luthier


Title: Randy Wood: The Lore of the Luthier

Author: Daniel Wile

Publisher: The University of Tennessee Press,  Charles K. Wolfe Music Series, Knoxville, TN

ISBN: 9781621905530

Modern luthiery is in the midst of a renaissance. While marvelous violin and guitar luthiers have always been with us, the modern making of fine, custom mandolins, and the restoration of fine vintage instruments have been significantly impacted by the contributions of one man, Randy Wood. Author Daniel Wile explores these contributions Wood made, and is still making now, from his shop in Bloomington, Georgia.

Wile delves deeply into Wood’s career, and his contributions not only to modern mandolin luthiery, but to Bluegrass music in general through his Old Time Picking Parlor, a Nashville institution for many years and a place where many budding musicians refined their chops. Wile gives us a thorough glimpse of how Wood arrived at where he is today, and allows us accompany him on his journey in a very readable way. Once I started reading, I could not put the book down. It was enjoyable all the way through, never boring.

There are few mandolin luthiers who would not admit to the influence of Randy Wood, and few Nashville musicians coming of age in the ’70s who would not admit of some Wood influence on their career, since Wood’s commitment to live music was as strong as his commitment to vintage and hand-made instruments. Not only was Wood’s influence great in instrument building, but he, George Gruhn (Gruhn Guitars), and the late Tut Taylor helped to create a market for vintage and custom instruments, thus bringing them into the hands of thousands of talented musicians.

This book is an important work, scholarly but entirely readable. It helps bring a significant part of the history or modern luthiery and its connection with Bluegrass music to many who may not have otherwise had a chance to know it. Congratulations to my friend, Daniel Wile for the hard work on the book, and to my friend, Randy Wood, for the inspiration behind it. This book should certainly be up for an IBMA print media award.

Also, I must make mention Daniel Wile’s acknowledgment in the book to author and Bluegrass Standard managing editor Richelle Putnam for her encouragement.

Randy Wood: The Lore of the Luthier is available through all major book outlets, and through Amazon at this link: Daniel WIle/Randy Wood/Amazon. I am pleased to call both Daniel Wile and Randy Wood my influential friends. I am also pleased to have read this book.

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