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Keith Barnacastle, Publisher

Being raised on southern gospel and old style country music that featured traditional instruments and sound always made The Bluegrass Standard Founder and Publisher feel excitement in the music itself.

“Listening to Cajun music in college was always a feel good feeling that kept me wanting more of the bluegrass traditional sound.”

When it came to founding The Bluegrass Standard, Keith wanted readers to feel like they were standing with the band as they performed or sitting beside the Standard’s interviewers while they recorded the stories of artists, musicians, and bluegrass industry makers and shakers.

And he wanted everyone to always feel at home, because there are no strangers in The Bluegrass Standard world. You see, Keith Barnacastle never meets a stranger. He believes we are all the same people who enjoy interaction with one another, regardless of our economic, cultural or social status.

“I get that from my parents. Not everyone is going to like you, but if you smile and shake their hand, you can make their day better,” and that’s the key that opens every door. “I try to do that everyday in my life. Most important, I try listen to what people say.”

And that is what The Bluegrass Standard is all about…listening and sharing those important stories of the bluegrass world.


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Susan Woelkers, Marketing Director

The Writing Team

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Richelle Putnam, Managing Editor
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Susan Marquez
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Kara Martinez Bachman
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Stephen Pitalo
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Shelby C. Berry
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