The Cyrus Chemistry


The Cyrus Chemistry

by Susan Marquez

In the historic Pickens Chapel in northwestern South Carolina, Bobby and Teddi Cyrus were dressed for a wedding as they sang their new single, My Wedding Day. The song was written by Jimmy Sites and Jimmy Yeary, inspired by the life of Site’s father, Colonel Carroll Sites, who passed away a few months before the song was written. Colonel Sites always said the day he died is the day he had lived for all his life. 

The songwriting duo sent the song to Bobby, who immediately shared it with his wife, Teddi. The couple loved it and Bobby told Sites they were thinking of doing an album and would like to include My Wedding Day on the project.

The song was recorded, and Bobby and Teddi signed a deal with Pinecastle Records. The video shoot for the song was under the direction of the Bonfire Music Group video team of Ethan Burkhardt and Troy House. The chapel where the video was shot dates to 1840, and at one time served as a meeting place for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.

Bobby and Teddi’s wedding was held in Lawrence County, Kentucky on May 9, 2015. 

“We met at the Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg, Kentucky,” says Teddi. “We saw each other, and the chemistry was undeniable. We were introduced and after a while realized we were meant to be together for a million reasons.”


Both Bobby and Teddi are from Kentucky, and they still live there, making their home in eastern Kentucky. Bobby grew up with all facets of the music industry in his little town of Louisa, Kentucky. His father, Bobby “Bob” Glenn Cyrus influenced him as an artist and songwriter more than anyone else. Music was the dream that Bob was never able to chase. Instead, he chose to work and raise his four children. “That showed me what’s required of a man,” says Bobby, who learned to write songs by listening to his father’s songs. Bobby was also influenced by other family members at family reunions, cookouts, and campfire jams. If his name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Billy Ray Cyrus is his first cousin. “Our fathers were brothers.”

Other influences include Waylon Jennings, Ricky Skaggs, Larry Cordle, Kris Kristofferson, Keith Whitley, and Tom T. Hall who had a profound and personal impact on Bobby.

In the 1980s, Bobby’s dad sent some songs to Hall and his wife, Dixie for consideration. “He received a nice letter back from Hall, explaining that while his songs were good, Hall and his wife wrote all their songs, but encouraged dad to keep writing.” In 2004, Bob had terminal cancer with little time left. Bobby used his friendship with producer Don Rigsby to see if Tom would record one of Bob’s songs. “I told him it did not have to be anything special, just guitar and vocals.” Tom agreed to do it, and Bobby sent a song called Slow Dance. A few weeks passed and Bobby received a CD in the mail and a letter from Tom. On Bob’s birthday, Bobby played the CD. 

“It was the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever heard. It sounded like a classic hit that Tom had already recorded. He used a full band and obviously made sure the mix was perfect for recording.”

Teddi grew up in the tiny town of Drift, Kentucky. She first began singing in her grandparents’ church. Teddi’s mother was a pianist and vocalist, and her father was a multi-instrumentalist. Feeling music in hear soul, Teddi learned to play piano, banjo, and bass by ear alone. At the age of 12, she landed a spot in the Jenny Wiley Theatre, and she joined the Kentucky Opry at the age of 13, where she performed for the next six years. When Teddi and Bobby met, they began performing together at the Cyrus Family Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Their new album will be released this year. “We’re not sure of the release date,” Teddi says. “We are really proud of it, there is so much emotion and life on every track.” Bobby wrote or co-wrote ten of the songs, three with Ronnie Bowman and one with Billy Ray Cyrus. “We are so excited for everyone to hear this project,” he says. “The musicians were amazing.” And while they enjoy family time, especially with their new grandbaby, they are both anxious to get back on the road again. “2020 was tough on everyone, and all events and shows were canceled. As soon as it is safe, we plan to hit the road!”