Volume 4, Issue 10


Volume 4, Issue 10

Sammy Shelor

“It’s like both of my grandfathers planned out my life for me, and …they kept me supplied with banjos…”


“It’s my mission to share my faith in the Lord,” Carley says of playing fiddle, songwriting, and performing.”

Crandall Creek

Andrews named Little Earl Sampson, a local who was “light years ahead of his time,” as his hero and idol, 

Crested Butte

 Unlike many large outdoor fests, such as Telluride, most Crested Butte events are held at indoor venues. 

Hawthorn Banjos

Named after the Missouri state flower, the Hawthorn line includes the highest quality banjo, guitar, and mandolin tuners and parts. 

Jack Tuttle

Jack’s primary goal is to help his students to develop total musicianship, getting them to the point where they can think for themselves…


“One thing I think is important is if you look at bluegrass fest camping…you’re kind of socially-distanced anyway,” he said.

Billy Wise

“I always dreamed of doing it, but I never thought it would be a reality. 

Isabela March (TBS)

Influenced by the bluegrass greats as well as her instructors and mentors…,  Isabela found her distinct sound.

Fan Photos

Bluegrass fans are the most loyal fans you’ll find anywhere in the music industry. Celebrate these Bluegrass Standard fans!

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