Volume 4, Issue 11


Hippie Hippie Shakes

“With our station being a northern country station, I thought the people would like the blues-grass sound.

Thomm Jutz

When a kid is determined to do something, don’t try to stop him. Thomm was determined and got his first guitar.

Alex Leach: Fresh Sound

“A lot of people thought it would be a straight Stanley-style sound,” he explained. They may have been surprised. 

Lorraine’s Coffee House & Music

An original in her own right, she found a way to keep the music alive in the community at Lorraine’s Coffee House & Music.

Adam Hurt: Back to Earth

The banjo had the melody of a mandolin, yet it had a rhythmic quality that made it self-supporting. 

Roll Out the Barrel

“We love the richness of the sound that one microphone gives. I love hearing the voices mix in the air. 

Branded Bluegrass

“We were backed up during the performance by a few of Bill Monroe’s own Bluegrass Boys. Mr. Monroe said, ‘you boys are branded!’

Eric Lewis: Kentucky Colonel

Eric always shares his passion for preserving bluegrass and country music and the historic places and stories that formed it.


“People want to listen to something they relate to,” she explained. “As times change, you have to change as well.” 


Tomorrow’s Bluegrass Stars

“The TBS leaders have helped me with the online bluegrass festival and by encouraging me,” said Little Jerry Ankney.

Fan Photos

November 2020

Bluegrass music has always enjoyed the most devoted fans. Here are a few.

October 2020 Video Chart

Lorraine Jordan’s “They Call It Bluegrass”  #1. Check out  the Top 15 HERE