Volume 4, Issue 12


Steve Thomas & The Time Machine

When I was young, I stood in the shadow of giants, and I was so intimidated by it all.

The Vitality of Gate 10

“Right before COVID-19 hit we released our first album, called ‘Play Another Round,’” Levy explained.

A View From the Stage

“By being involved with bluegrass music [from that perspective], there are several non-musical lessons I learned.”

The Road to Eldorado

“A car owned by both Bill & Ralph in the Bluegrass realm is like finding a car owned by both Marilyn Monroe & Elvis!”

Livin’ Like a Millionaire

“I started the gospel show five years ago …and it snowballed like nothing I imagined!”

Up the Creek, Down the Road

“There is an actual creek near home called Lindley Creek.” 

Rock Hearts …Rock Solid

“Joe had a big RV he would pull into the truck stop parking lot, pop the side out and we’d start playing.”

Charting Big with “Grassicana”

“People want to listen to something they relate to. As times change, you have to change as well.”

Classically Trained, Bluegrass Bred

“It is much freer than classical. That’s not a bad thing for classical, but I love having the freedom to improvise.”

Fan Photos

The people who make The Bluegrass Standard possible!

Video Chart – November 2020

#1 – “My Kind of Town” by Special Consensus. See Chart

Turnberry Records artist!