Volume 4, Issue 4: Brewing Bluegrass


Volume 4, Issue 4: Brewing Bluegrass

Forty years might seem like a long time, but truth be told, the roots of his family’s presence on the music scene date back much, much further, to the earliest beginnings of bluegrass.

“I went to Nashville actually trying to do the Country music scene. At that time, they wanted a certain look and a certain size no matter if you could actually sing or not. It just didn’t pan out.”

If we support the music we love, when Covid 19 ends as an existential threat and live concerts resume, we will feel the pride of having been part of the solution.

“I did a lot of soul-searching, trying to figure out what Hackensaw Boys even is at this point with all the people that have come and gone through it.”

“Usually one of us will come to the other with an idea, whether it be a melody or some lyrics, and we will work together trying to create an original product,” says Tabitha.

“When I discovered the music itself, we didn’t call it Bluegrass or Country. At first, it was like ‘American music’. We were going more towards Bluegrass than we were to Country.”

“There’s always been and will always be certain songs that take me back to a certain place in time. What they mean to me may not be what they mean to someone else.” 

Although Cody jokingly worries that one day he’ll be replaced by a young, good-looking bass player, the girls have made no hard-and-fast future plans.

Even though he yearned for those bluegrass recordings to be made into a record 39 years ago, that cassette might have done him a favor to stay hidden, and wait for the right time to emerge.

Volume II is leaning toward the singer-songwriter. Ashleigh says, “It is stripped down songs with pedal steel and electric guitar, along with a solo of Ashleigh singing and playing the bass.”

We’ve grown up around music and relate that in the music that we play. Our background and faith show in our music. I believe it expresses our feelings and personalities too.

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