Volume 4, Issue 5

Cover photo by Mike Duncan

Volume 4, Issue 5

Let’s “JAM”

“Participating in a JAM program provides natural community engagement to students and their families.”

Barefoot Movement

“We are still evolving and growing as a group, but we have found our own style and it really works for us.”

Mountain Minor

“Where is your home, and how does the music play into that?”

Daryl Mosley

“You appreciate the good moments, accept your responsibility in the mistakes, and find peace.”

Billy Droze

He believes in “doing what you love and staying at it.”

Laurel River Line

“There is a Laurel River, and when you cross the county line, there is a sign that says Laurel County Line.

Appalachian Cuisine

Appalachian food culture is not only in the eating and sharing the food, but in  preparing it together.

Balsam Range

Influenced by all genres, “we try to weave all those things together.”

The Grassabillies

Hard hitting bluegrass music that loves tradition and experimentation.

Arizona Wildflowers (TBS)

“Our biggest goal and dream in our music right now would be to perform on the Grand Ole Opry.”

Fan Photos

We appreciate bluegrass fans and our readers. Send us your favorite “bluegrass” fan photo!

New Shows

Covering the latest in bluegrass music and shows and the artists behind them.