Volume 4, Issue 7

Scroggins & Rose

The duo’s new record, “Curios,” just released in June. Scroggins said this one is a bit different from their first, 2017’s “Grana.” 

Full Cord

“When we get musicians that kind of fit we just kind of hang onto them and roll,” Todd said.

King Street

“Our band was named for King Street in old Alexandria where we started,” said band member Nancy Lisi. 

Shane Hennessy

One fateful day in 2016, Shane received a Facebook message from Tommy Emmanuel. “He said he had seen some of my YouTube videos and he liked my style.

Sweet Water Warblers

The Warblers have a mutual connection for social change and an expansion of the soul through music. “Music can speak to the soul in a way nothing else can.”

Resonant Rogues

. “We had an instant connection. I needed a guitarist and washboard for a recording session … He was on the road …”

The Sweet Lillies

The Sweet Lillies’ sound is high energy, along with melodic tunes that keep fans coming back for more. Described as “original Americana music, Colorado-style …”

The Farnum Family

: What I love about bluegrass is the community—so many great friendships made, and it is truly like a family reunion when we get together with many of the bands we have met over the years.

Video Chart


#1 – Merle Monroe, “God’s Still in Control

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