Volume 4, Issue 8


Brink Brinkman

“I try to write the best song I can, and only then do I ask: Where is this gonna fall?”

David Stewart

“I think anyone can learn how to play an instrument, but to have a passion for it, I think you have to be born with it.”

Twisted Pine

“When we were rehearsing, Kathleen just started randomly singing ‘Amadeus Party’ and we liked it!

Floyd Country Store

“We’re trying to be agile and adaptive, and meeting people where they are, instead of them coming to us,” Locke said.


Wildwood Farms

“…We used to have music “jams” at our house all the time- we just called it getting together and making music.”

Tim White

When I got to Tennessee, I had the opportunity to get involved in the music world of bluegrass.”

Magnolia Drive

“We are on a different path these days. We really want to pick and choose the right events for us.”

Rachel Detrick (TBS)

“The thing that continues to draw me to bluegrass music is not only how beautiful it is, but the community.

Brayden Williamson

I hope people can see that someone at my age of only 17 has the understanding and desire to preserve the music.

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