Volume 4, Issue 9


Stand by Your Band

Macie Dilling and Stephanie Cherryholmes take the reins during the pandemic.

Raising the Summit

“Growing up my mom was very inventive trying to teach me to play music.” 

As the Crowe Flies

“The best part of being in a band with my brother is that we have sung and played together all our lives.”

Lynn Young: Teaching fellowship and fun

He’s set his mind to inspiring a new generation of young performers.

The Melancholy Space of Peter Rowan

“Since I play a lot of bluegrass, acoustic guitar has a lot of beautiful qualities …”

The Family Putting Gold Tone into Bluegrass

Professional musicians choose Gold Tone, including Kid Rock, Bruce Springsteen, and Bela Fleck.

Grain Thief: Stealing the Show

The band has been together in its current formation for five years. “Playing in this band has been like an act of discovery.” 

Muder, Music, and Love for America

It was an ordeal. A little too close to the assassin’s target, he’d been hit as well, and the bullet severed the main artery in his arm.

Tomorrow Never Knows

Promise of Tomorrow is a bluegrass record with straightforward instrumentals such as “Snaggletooth Stomp” and “Westwater.” 

Joy: the Goal Igniting Prarie Wildfire

The goal is simpler, more satisfying. “We got into it for the joy of playing together.”

TBS: The Prickly Pears

“We really try to do all original songs with a splash of old, traditional bluegrass songs as well.”

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