Volume 5, Issue 1


Volume 5, Issue 1

Dare to Dream. Dare to Discover. Dare to Do.

“It’s all about the story. People love a story, and when you tell a good one, people listen.”

Bringing Sass to the Grass: Missy Arnstrong

Her experiences in the bluegrass world have always reflected respect for her as a female artist.

Go Tell It on the Mountain: Tara Linhardt

“It became clear that playing bluegrass and old-time music brought one into a whole community of cool people.”

Passing Time with Bronwyn Keith-Hynes

It was at a fiddle camp that Bronwyn was introduced to bluegrass fiddling. “I loved everything about it.”

The Isaacs: The Music, Mission and Message

“We picked songs that were not ordinary for a group like us,” like the Beatles hit, “We Can Work It Out.”

A Williamson Branch on the Bluegrass Tree

“Everyone is complaining about 2020, but for us, it was pretty great! I won the biggest award of my life.”

A Wing and Adair: Tina Adair Flying High

We use a voting process in Sister Sadie. You have to consider everyone in the mix. It’s not just about you.

Saddlin’ Up with The Farmer and Adele

“The idea is for children who are ill or at risk to write stories, then have artists write a song based on the story.”

Bluegrass: the color of Diversity

“I didn’t really appreciate the depth of the bluegrass community until we raised our kids in it.”

Bringing in the New Year with Bluegrass Fans

The fans keep us going, keep up inspired, and give us hope for the New Year.

Taller Than You Finds Bluegrass Belonging

“Music can change your day, brighten your mood, and put a smile on your face. Our sound is upbeat and joyful.

December 2020 Video Chart, #1 Plus Top 15 Videos


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