Volume 5, Issue 10


Jerry Salley: For this Producer, Life is “Sweet”

“I took [Dolly’s] vocals and arranged a band all around her vocals.”

Carl Jackson: Good Living, Good Friends

“I’ve been a Dolly fan since I saw her backstage at the Grand Ole Opry.”

Larry Cordle: The Sweet Sound of Song

“[Dolly] is one of the best all-time songwriters and an all-time songwriting hero.”

Bradley Walker: Sweet Harmonies in the By and By

“[Dolly] is such an iconic person and an iconic voice. It’s such a blessing to me. 

Mary Falle: Bluegrass and a Dream Team

“I got a dog, pick-up truck, and a job as a traveling salesman.”

American Banjo Museum: History & Heritage 

“We have all styles of banjo playing represented, including Dixieland jazz.”

The “Grass” Roots of Bill Ellison in Public Broadcasting 

“[Mike] told me to put together an audition tape, and he’d take care of the rest.”


Bluegrass Against Domestic Violence

“[The event] is a perfect example of how bluegrass plugs back in and goes full circle to give back.”


Zoe Shiner: Tomorrow’s Bluegrass Stars

“Anyone can pick up an instrument. Play for yourself and not for others!”


September Video Chart #1 – Roll That Rock

Our Bluegrass Standard Fan Photos