Volume 5, Issue 12


Danny Jones: A Bigger Voice to Gospel

“Not everybody is called to be an evangelist or a Sunday School teacher. Some feel called to labor, and some feel called to sing.” 

Scott Kirby: Music Through the Eyes of a Son

“That’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve taken out of my career at this point – being able to see my music through the eyes of my kid.”

Barry Waldrep & Friends Celebrate Tony Rice

“I thought of the conversation I had with Tony back in 2011. I called Brian and told him I thought we should do an album instead of one song.”

Tommy Jackson and His Dancing Shoes

“I realized that dancing was ideal for kids who weren’t athletes. All kids want to belong and to fit in. Dancing gives kids that opportunity to be a part of something.”

MoeDeLL: Everything Will be All Right

“I’m excited to tour the south because I think the music will go over well there. I love Minnesota but, in my heart, I also know this is southern music.”

Moonlight Moonlight Shining Bright in Big Sky Country

“We felt like the night embodied our group in some way. We were repeating night-themed words, trying to find a combination that worked.”

The Nostalgic Tendencies of The Wrecklunds

“I think there is a resurgence of people buying vinyl. CDs are almost passe at this point because people are gonna stream.”


Fried Apple Pies: Flavor, Memories, and Appalachia

These handheld pastries have played a role in many lives of Appalachians from childhood through retirement.


Branson Welcomes the Bluegrass Winter Youth Festival

“Branson Bluegrass Winter Youth Festival is dedicated to cultivating and fostering young artists who will preserve and perpetuate bluegrass music.”

The Bluegrass Standard Video Chart  # 1

“Goin’ Up the Mountain”

Shannon Slaughter   

The Bluegrass Standard Fan Photos

The Hardest Working Case in Showbiz