Volume 5, Issue 2


Who Let the Dawgs Out?

We at Net Radio Dogs Road Show have done what we do best, and that is to create a Bluegrass/Americana radio show.

The Cyrus Chemistry

“We saw each other, and the chemistry was undeniable. We were introduced and after a while realized we were meant to be together.”

Rocky Mountain Bluegrass

“I teach all instruments by ear, which is how I learned. That’s the beauty of bluegrass. It’s learned by watching and playing.”

Boulevard Music

“We had the longest-running open mic variety night in the L.A. area,” he said. He said the main room of the shop converts into a concert hall.

Deejay Buddy Michaels

When I was about 10 years old, I listened to my small radio, and I’d take it to bed with me. I’d listen to the big AM stations like WSM.

Together it happens for us

Whatever project they might be producing, or delicious meal they might be cooking, Rick and Donna find joy in doing it all together.

Warm Fiddlin’

He’s got a wealth of experience behind him and passing this knowledge to others is a natural passion.

Part of Something …Bigger

We want to spread the gospel and be a light to others. We had seen this happen and wanted to be a part of that.”

Fan Photos

Bluegrass fans are the best.  That’s why we celebrate them every month!

Video Chart January 2021

Rebekah Speer #1:       “Somebody Loves Me” See CHART