Volume 5, Issue 3


‘Til We Meet Again: Aaron Foster 

“If we step a little bit outside of the box and do something different, we find that people are more open to the idea as long as we respect the tradition of this music.”

People, Places, Songs …and Greg Blake

“The hardest part of touring for any musician is traveling. Music has given me a love for travel. Some years we spent 225 to 250 days on the road.”

Rusty Spur Trail Riding

“If you’ve never been on a horse before, or if it’s been a while, we can give you a little ‘driver’s ed’ class to teach you the basics. Of course, the number one rule we tell everyone is to have fun!”

Cotton Pickin’ … GOOD!

“I wanted to connect the song and devote it to Saint Patrick, so I named it Slemish Mountain, the mountain where Saint Patrick was a shepherd’s slave.”

Got It Done? Get It Played!

“We can’t promise you anything about getting it on a chart, or even getting it played. We CAN guarantee you’ll definitely get it sent to ALL the RIGHT people.”

Van’t Hardly Wait!

“My family is from the Netherlands and van’t Hof is a Dutch last name that means ‘from the court/garden. “My ancestors weren’t fancy, so I’m sure they chose this name as sort of a joke.”

Taking Care of Business

It’s not only a product of a job well done, but as a former artist ‘wannabe,’ I take great pleasure in giving artists the guidance and opportunities that I wanted when I first came to Nashville.

The Perfect Fit

“We had the same musical influences, and we liked the same music, same bands and it was down to liking the same songs. It was just a perfect fit.”

Wolfpen Branch

“The one silver lining of the pandemic is the availability of everyone. We are close in proximity, so we could safely rehearse together.”

February Chart – #1 Rebekah Speer “Somebody Loves Me”

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Fan Photos – March 2021

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