Volume 5, Issue 4


Remembering Earl JT Gray

“When The Station Inn opened, there was no place in Nashville where pickers could just go and jam with each other,” said JT Gray, owner of The Station Inn.

Aaron Jonah Lewis

“My grandfather owned a junk shop when I was growing up. He came to visit when I was three years old and brought a full-size viola to our house.”

Gage House Party

“I went to a lot of open mic nights and I met people of like mind. Many of those people have become some of my best friends.”

Sparky Sandra Day

“My whole life, I would never allow anyone to call me by a nickname.”

Wintergrass …Pocketgrass

“We have kept Harlyn’s identity a secret.”

Catching Up with BOJ 

“I knew that dad goes on the road; dad comes back. Dad goes on the road; dad comes back.

Nick Dumas: Keeping it going on the Fiddler’s Farm

My dobro, steel guitar-playing grandfather lived right across the street from me.

Phil Leadbetter: Laying Back …Working Hard

He’s been sitting out the performing and…is somehow…still working hard.

The Storytellers: Jam Grass in the Spirit of The Dead

“I had found the Grateful Dead …I became one of the traditional Deadheads.”

Finley River …Boys to Men

“We are like family and have periodic game nights and get-togethers (just us).”

Rolling Out Gospel

“It’s just so special to sing something that your mom wrote. We really love that.”

Video Chart – March 2021

#1 – Steve Thomas and Time Machine – Daddy’s Twin I-Beam. See Top 15