Volume 5 Issue 6


LeRoy “Mack” McNees: Bluegrass …and Mayberry

LeRoy and his wife hit the road, performing his solo music and accompanying artists all over the U.S. and into Canada.

Applebutter Express: A Uke and Bluegrass  

You know your band is the real thing when you’re asked to open for Steve Martin and Martin Short.

Jesse From the Brock: Don’t Call Him J’Bro

“I was a self-taught mandolin player with the assistance of my oldest sister’s 3 chords, rhythm, and keeping time with my foot.”

Mark Stoffel: Serving Up Coffee and Cake

“Composing didn’t come easy at first, I had to learn to totally open my mind to new ideas and to accept them as not just valid, but valuable and beautiful.”

Remedy Tree: The Cure for What Ails You

“I think the best of my inspiration happens when I’m in my studio alone in perfect silence, just me and my thoughts.”

Tommy Buller: If the Creek Don’t Rise

He’s taken to the road and has been picking and singing for almost as long as he remembers. 

Tricia Walker: Building Community

“It’s about finding ways to connect, and success in the ever-more-competitive field of songwriting depends upon those connections.”

Billy & The Kids Bluegrass (TBS)

Billy uses his past love and experience to teach his kids to play and sing bluegrass.

The Bluegrass Standard Fan Photos

Thank you, bluegrass fans!  We love you and appreciate your devotion and support.