Volume 5, Issue 7


Rhonda Vincent: Family and On the Job Training

“There was a jam session every day at my grandparents’ house. I thought that was perfectly normal …”

Carolyn Vincent… Always a Mom

“Rhonda got to play on our show. She played drums and she’d sing. She was kind of a little showpiece.”

Amanda Shaw: Cajun Fiddlin’

At age four, Amanda saw someone playing the violin on television. “I announced that I wanted to do that.”

The View from The Old Pine Road

“We like to blend a lot of different things together. Having all those different backgrounds and exposers melded itself into what we do.”

Métier Mastering & Recording Studio

“Repeat customers are great because that means that they love what they got last time. My clients are my friends, every single one.”

The High Water Line goes with the Flow

“Bluegrass is for everyone. With all really great things — with all things that really move people — it grows, and it spreads.”

Pearlgrace & The Power of Music

“During one of my MRIs, I actually worked out the lyrics to a song just lying there. God blessed me in that way.”

Fan Photos

A big thanks to Bluegrass fans around the globe! None of us could do it without you! 

Video Chart: June 2021

#1: Just a Little Talk Wtih Jesus by Redeemed Quartet.