Volume 5, Issue 8


Doyle Lawson: R&R and Retirement

“You have to consider if you are giving up more than you are going to get in the name of progress.”

The Real Boot Life: Stories of Heart and Hard Work

“I’m reminded that what makes great stories great is conflict and difficulties. …not just happy times where dreams come true.”

The Blue Grass is High and Rising

“My siblings and I called each other wolf when we were kids. …[Howl] is about losing one of the pack. It’s a pretty emotional song.”

The Boys Get Down on Bluegrass

During the lockdowns, where performing live was all but impossible, they spent time writing new material and appearing at the occasional wedding or private party.

Candlelight, the Canada Cold …and Adeline

The group gathered for three days in March in the 70-year-old cabin of John’s mother-in-law on the shores of Beaver Lake in the Kawartha Highlands of Ontario.

Rose Rock Daughters: Roots & Faith

“It’s quite humbling to see God work through you. Arranging the music brings more passion to it, and you can see that when we perform.”

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Kasey Moore: Listening, Learning, Playing

“My grandfather gave me my first mandolin and really encouraged me in bluegrass music. He and my hometown were big influences on me …”


The Bluegrass Standard Video Chart: July 2021


Enjoy our #1 video for the month of July, “Somewhere on this Mountain” by Nefesh Mountain.

The Bluegrass Standard Fan Photos

Bluegrass fans are dedicated and that’s why we love them. Here’s just a few!