Volume 5, Issue 9


The Storyteller: Tom T Hall

Tom T was happy to be retired from the road and the spotlight. He avoided it as much as possible even when he was part of the entertainment world.

Bill Emerson Tribute

Emerson loved the sound of the banjo, and he traded his electric guitar for a five string. After three months of intense practice, he won a local banjo contest.

Brotherhood of Birds

“It’s still hard to want to count on what’s coming up,” he said. “We’re enjoying it in the moment while we can. We just want to keep playing live shows.”

BigHorn Bluegrass Camp

“Camp is concluded with a concert on the last day. It’s fun to see the parents watch their children on stage,” says Karen. 

Sortin’ the Mail

“We love the drive and rhythm of bluegrass, but we focus on more unusual lyrics and arrangements than mainstream music.”

Songs From the Road

“We’re just gonna take the bigger gigs and focus on those,” Humphrey said,” so our touring model has changed.” 

Eric Frommer: Bluegrass Through the Lens

“I am a big bluegrass fan,” says Eric. “I can’t pick or anything. I am just a fan, but one of the biggest fans ever.” 

Bluegrass Pickin’ at The HiHo Lounge

The bluegrass scene in New Orleans might seem incongruous given the city’s reputation as the birthplace of blues and jazz.

Lonesome River Band: Singing Up there

Sammy realized that the Easter Brothers’ vocals were structured like The Lonesome River Band’s in three-part harmony.

Borrowed Mules

“Carl told me he was gonna work me ‘like a borrowed mule.’ …I decided that would be a great name for a band.” 

The Fuller Family Singers

“We are influenced by our love of older music, older things, older movies, and the things we collect.” 

Fan Photos

There’s nothing better than a bluegrass band, except maybe their bluegrass fans. Thanks for the support!

The Bluegrass Standard Video Chart: August 2021

#1: People, Places, and Songs by Greg Blake