Volume 6, Issue 1


Devon O’Day: Prolific and Profound

“I tell people always to be persistent and don’t take no for an answer.”

Alice Gerrard: Yesterday and Today

“I was friends with Hazel for a long time. We had music parties.” 

Laurie Lewis: Finding Her Voice in Others

“…I got to get to know Hazel and Alice as people. I met Hazel first at a fest.”

Hazel Dickens: The Singer and Her Song

“I had never had the opportunity to express myself. I didn’t know what was in there.”


Lizzy Long: Staying Busy and Dreaming Again

“Be yourself. Don’t let no man tell you that you can’t do something. I can fix anything.”

Brenda Lawson: She and Him …Always

“My father encouraged me to become the emcee ‘against my will’ because I had an outgoing personality

Nancy Bruns: Savoring the Salt of the Sea

“I feel very humbled at the people across the country who support us and love our salt.”


Wendy Tyner: Washington and Wintergrass

“My dad taught me the value of music, how it can wrap around your soul and become part of you.”


A Bluegrass Homecoming with Robin Jackson

“My dad taught me the value of music, how it can wrap around your soul and become part of you.”


Erin Salley: Off the Sidelines, Onto the Bluegrass Field

“Our social life involves people from the industry, so I am totally immersed in that world.”


Fox on the Run: Get Over the Female Band Thing Already

“We all had to work a little harder to get here, and now we’re in it together.”

At the Intersection of Nepal and Appalachia

“I love that spark and sparkle when their minds are blown. I feed off that fun,”

Rose Maddox: Tribute to a Female Pioneer in Music

Rose Maddox still deserves recognition as one of the greatest musical success stories.


Wyatt Ellis: Beyond His Years & Just Getting Started

“It would be a dream come true to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry.”


The Bluegrass Standard Video Chart: December 2021

Enjoy our #1 video, “Going Up the Mountain,” by Shannon Slaughter. 

Fan Photos

The Bluegrass Standard wishes our fans a healthy, prosperous bluegrass year!