Volume 6, Issue 3


Mike Mitchell: Fiddler’s Surprise

“I was around musicians who were born into bluegrass music.”

WSM: 100 Year in the Making

“We want to continue to be important – we are not a museum piece.”

A Right Turn on Colebrook Road

“Many legends and heroes influenced us. Now, some younger folks are inspiration.”

Mountain Fever Records: Rising Temps, Sounds Aflame

“I didn’t plan on having a recording studio and record label. It happened by accident.”

Buddy Jewell: Meaningful Stories & Topping the Chart

“From the time I had one of those RCA suitcase-looking record players, I was a Johnny Cash fan.”

Buffalo Galaxy: Limitless Far Reaches of Bluegrass

“The cold, dark, bleak introspective winter has come out in our songs”

Real Dill Jigs: Dillon Abney

“The bigger, the heavier the wind blows; it requires a larger size lure.


Girl Scout Cookie and booze pairings

A coffee liquor, vanilla vodka, sweet cream or milk take this experience to the next level.


Darren Beachley: This Open Book Tells No Lies

““I’m an open book, and I tell no lies. Pick your songs, record your way with lessons you’ve learned.”


Jay Armsworthy: Bluegrass on the Bay

“By 12 years old, I started going out to jam sessions, and I really picked it up from there.”


Milo Solujik: Bluegrass …Because of the Beatles

“I got a lesson on the guitar. My dad took it away, saying he didn’t want me to be the Beatles!”

Aiden Keeney: Blazing a Path Forward

“I met Larry Smith and his family at a private meet-and-greet event for Rhonda Vincent in Somerset.”

Fan Photos

The Bluegrass Standard wishes our fans a healthy, prosperous bluegrass year!


The Bluegrass Standard Video Chart: March 2022

Enjoy our #1 video, “Living Large in a Little Town,” by  Donna Ulisse.