Watching the Grass Grow


by David Pugh


Brayden Williamson was just 16 years old when he started listening to my online radio show.  The show is Mountain Bluegrass with David Pugh, every Sunday night, 9-11 pm est., live on the WWB.

Brayden, a huge fan of Larry Sparks, emailed me to say he had been listening to my show.  I had just interviewed Larry Sparks 2 weeks before getting his email.  Brayden told me he had just written and released his first single.  He wanted me to listen to it.

The song he sent was, “Watching the Grass Grow.”  I thought it sounded pretty good, so I put it on my playlist.  The kid, from Logan, West Virginia, was elated to hear me play it.  I do a Top 12 Bluegrass chart, and countdown, every week.  The requests started pouring in for Brayden’s song.  His single has now been on the Top 12 for 11 weeks.  Plus, it hit number one two weeks ago, and it’s on fire in the Bluegrass world.

I am proud of Brayden Williamson.  He’s a great young man, who loves God.  He is multi-talented, and I think he will go far in his musical career.  He has a brand-new gospel single that will debut on my show next Sunday night.  I know it’s going to do well for him.



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